Dishoecke penning
Jacob van Dishoecke (died around 1710) Peace of Nijmegen, 1678, Museum Het Valhof.

In order to commemorate the Treaties of Nijmegen, many medals and coins were made, sometimes from very expensive material. These were mainly French medallists who portrayed the peace of Nijmegen, but there were also some Dutch craftsmen. Jacob van Dishoecke is the most distinguished of these artists. This silver medal is a beautiful example of his work and was especially made to commemorate the peace treaties signed in Nijmegen. The medal features a panorama of the city of Nijmegen with various negotiators in the foreground. At the top are the city arms on a banderole, with the words: FIRMATA NEOMAGI PAX 1678 (peace signed in Nijmegen 1678).

The replica of this medal is awarded to people of exceptional merit for Europe as the Treaties of Nijmegen Medal. This medal was awarded to Jacques Delors in 2010, to Umberto Eco in 2012 and will be presented to Neelie Kroes in 2014.